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While gene expression profiling is a widely used and highly proven technology for the dissection of disease and the unravelling of underlying pathological processes, proteome profiling is, in contrast, still in its infancy.

CRT’s monoclonal antibody proteomics tools are specifically designed to fill the gap!

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High Quality Array Printing

Established in 2012 and based in Bristol, UK, CRT are dedicated to developing innovative products for proteomic research. Our aim is to help the global scientific research community simplify and accelerate their research by offering high quality products and services.

Researchers can select from a wide selection of antibody microarrays to study protein changes and phosphorylation events. Once we receive your samples, whether they are cells, tissues or serum, our experienced scientists will perform complete antibody array assays. This convenient assay service offers quick turnaround, accurate and reliable results, saving you time and resources!

Array Printing

Our array printing team is highly skilled in working with microarray printing technology and system integration. We work closely with our clients to design array formats that fit your needs. Our services also include printing on 3-D glass substrates.

Quality Control

Printing conditions are optimised for each new sample printed to ensure adequate sample immobilisation and to preserve the activities of each unique sample. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure printed arrays of superior spot morphology, consistency and uniformity.