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Antibody Microarrays (also known as antibody arrays) are a specific form of protein microarrays. A collection of capture antibodies are spotted and fixed on a solid surface such as glass, plastic or silicon chip, for the purpose of detecting antigens. Antibody microarrays are often used for detecting protein expression in cell lysates in general research, and for detecting special biomarkers from serum or urine for diagnostic applications.

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Sample Preparation
Abundant proteins are depleted from the samples using different affinity (mainly immuno-affinity) chromatography procedures and the depleted samples are labelled for recognition. The type of depletion depends on the end-user’s preference. Sample preparation is followed using strict quality control procedures. Protocols are provided upon request.

mAB Production Mouse monoclonal antibodies are produced either in mice or in disposable bioreactors. Immunoglobulins are purified from ascites fluid or bioreactor culture medium using chromatography procedures. Antibody purity is confirmed by capillary gel electrophoresis. 50 or 100 microgram aliquots are available, production of new batches requires 6-8 weeks.

mAB Characterization Characterization of mABs and antigens may be available upon request.

How To Use CRT Antibody Arrays

Step 1. Profiling
Plasma samples from clinical cohorts are ready for profiling. Different dilutions of the clinical samples are incubated with the microarray slides under controlled conditions in the presence of labelled tracers from the kit.

Step 2. Characterization of cognate targets of individual mABs
Comparison of plasma proteome profiles will result in the identification of mABs that detect quantifiable differences between biologically different sample sets. As needed, CRT and our partners will provide the user with available data on each mAB (e.g., protein ID, epitope/mimitope, V region sequence of light and heavy chains) and a sufficient quantity of purified mABs to further characterize the cognate antigen recognized by the mABs by the user (see mAB production and characterization services).

Global Protein Profiling System
The Global Profiling System antibody arrays, developed using antibodies from CRT's antibody library, allow precise proteome profiling without sample labelling. The first product contains 250 mABs each reacting with a different epitope of the human plasma proteome. The antibodies work in "tracer inhibition assays" utilizing stabile labelled tracers for the profiling experiments, which are included in the kits. In the assay, your sample, e.g. plasma samples dilutions from patients will compete with the labelled tracer. This microarray-based plasma profiling system is a solution developed for precise protein profiling of human plasma.

Array Printing

Our array printing team is highly skilled in working with microarray printing technology and system integration. We work closely with our clients to design array formats that fit your needs. Our services also include printing on 3-D glass substrates.

Quality Control

Printing conditions are optimised for each new sample printed to ensure adequate sample immobilisation and to preserve the activities of each unique sample. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure printed arrays of superior spot morphology, consistency and uniformity.